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Telepathic Foreplay, A Random Guy And A Nice Break!

December 14, 2008

I was working on my “Out of Body Ecstasy” book and found myself in need of a sexual break. Not having anyone in particular today to connect telepathicly to – I decided to connect to an unknown or random partner. The partner I was looking for I wanted to have the physical qualities of Sawyer from “Lost”. I focused my intent and saw a man who had the same hot good looks as Sawyer – although he was not the actor who plays Sawyer. His wall of protection was up and I didn’t try to move in to have a stronger connect. He sensed me and asked who I was – I told him and also said why I was there and that I would also simply go away if that’s what he wanted.

He wanted me to stay -thought it was “cool” that I found him. I strengthened the telepathic connection, I could feel his body tremble at the heightened energy that was now connected to him. He asked what was he supposed to do. I told him to pretend that I was physically there in front of him – what would he do to a woman who he was sexually attracted to and who was open to sexual advances? He gave that smile like – duh, I’d kiss her. And that’s exactly what he did. With a slight hesitation (kind of like – I can’t believe I’m about to do this), he leaned in and kissed me on the lips. He pulled back and commented that it was nice. I smiled and said – well let’s try this….I held the back of his head and pulled him to me – as our lips touched, he allowed my tongue to explore the outside of his lips, the inside of his lips and then his mouth — it was a good kiss. When I pulled back – he smiled for a spilt second, then grasped my head and pulled me to him again. When our mouths met – there was a deep – hungry passion. Oddly enough, when our tongues met this time, it made my tongue tingle. I didn’t understand why then – and I still don’t.

He mumbled if this was all we could do? I assured him it wasn’t by sliding my hand over his already hard cock.

Then in an instant he was gone. The rapid disconnect left me with a splitting headache. My guess is that someone surprised him and that yanked him from the connection.

A few aspirins later — I was back to work on my book!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 😉


Out Of Body Ecstasy Is Jane Worthy!

December 12, 2008

That’s right — Jane says that OBE is quality and original! Whoo Hoo! For those of you who don’t know what the JanesGuide is – then obviously you aren’t looking at adult websites enough:) Of course, what does that say about me? lol.

In case you came from my home web site – Gypsy Advice and not JanesGuide – here’s a copy of the review:
We’re all looking for out of body sex, aren’t we? We all want the kind of sex that transports us to alternative realities where there are no concerns at all but for wildly throbbing naughty bits. Lovely as this sounds, it’s not exactly what’s webmaster Allie has in mind. Instead, her aim is to teach people about astral sex, dream sex and telepathic sex. The ability to have sex without physically touching is a skill, Allie says, which can be developed with practice; she gives many examples and exercises aimed at increasing that skill. The stories Allie tells are quite compelling, making me wish I had more time (and less skepticism) so that I could try out of body sex for myself. If the information presented on the site isn’t enough, you can (for a fee) set up a call with Allie in order to gain more insight about your spirit life. – aag
So I’m tickled – a great way to end the week.
In case you’ve found OBE from JanesGuide – here are a few links to help you get a sense of OBE – in case what’s in this blog isn’t enough:
Out of Body Ecstasy:
Sexual Advice/Coaching:
OBE Newsletter:
About Allie:

Now I understand the scepticism of OBE – but once you try it, you’ll know it’s for real:) Of course it would help if some of the blog visitors would send me their story to post here – since a few hundred daily searchers find this site by looking for confirmation on: astral sex, dream sex or telepathic sex.
I’m also still gathering stories for my OBE book. If you’d like to tell the world your wet dream, astral play or telepathic orgasm – email me the story to:
gypsyadvice (at) yahoo (dot) com
Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 😉

Out Of Body Sex, Energy Body And Telepathic Fun!

December 3, 2008

Out of body sex – this morning I opened my email and had over 10 emails asking either how to engage in telepathic, dream or astral sex – and/or if OBE sex is real. I can understand why some have a hard time believing that OBE sex is something real because many people tend not to believe in things, ideas or notions of items they cannot see or feel with their physical hands. The thing with OBE sex and OBE is general is that it deals with energy and our energy body. We may not be able to “see” our energy body with the naked eye – but we can feel our energy. Don’t believe me? Try this…

Hold your hands up at chest level, approximately six to eight inches apart palms facing one another.

Can you feel the heat exchange between them?

Next – bend the fingertips on your right hand (as if you were giving a slight wave) upward and downward towards the left palm. Now close your eyes and repeat this process. Can you feel a warm cool or tingly feeling in your left palm?

Move your left hand back a few inches and now move your right fingertips from left to right towards the left palm. Still feel the sensation? That’s energy.

Need more?

Stick out the hand you do not write with – palm up. Use your imagination and create a white ball of energy over the palm of your hand – having it hover 2 to 3 inches above the palm. Feel the tingling in the middle of your palm? That’s energy.

And that’s all OBE and OBE sex is – the exchange of energy. OBE sex isn’t a way of life that is only intended for those naturally gifted on OBE – it’s for anyone because everyone has two things: an energy body and an imagination. That’s all you need. No fancy equipment, music or drugs. There’s no reason on Earth why everyone could not have a satisfying sex life.

The easiest way to get started with OBE sex is to allow yourself to telepathically connect to someone via what I call an intense day dream. Close your eyes and imagine someone you’d like to have sex with – make sure this is a person you actually know – celebrities or strangers will not work – unless (you knew this was coming) you knew this person in a previous life or you at least have made eye contact in this life. Our energy body has a natural shield that keeps “unknowns” out.

Really allow yourself to imagine this person – what they would be wearing, what location they would be in, how they would smell, what they would be doing…etc….once you can hold that picture of them in your imagination – allow yourself to kiss them. Keep kissing – touching – feeling – taking note on how your body is responding to what you are doing. They should respond back with kiss and touching as well. Kisses will deepen, touching will accelerate – just as if they were right in front of you. Let your lips wander along their body – let their lips wander on yours.

When you’ve had enough foreplay – you can either end the day dream as you would any other time you end day dreams – just pull yourself out of it. Or if you want to try to keep moving forward – go head. See yourselves taking off each other’s clothes, engaging in oral play or intercourse. You can engage in anything you want to in this connection as you would in the physical reality. When you’re finished – stop the day dream. Note how your body feels. Are you turned on? Were you able to have an orgasm? Or do you have to take matters into your own hands?

The other person, if they do not know that telepathic sex is going on, will still feel something. They will be horny without knowing why. Their energy body can respond back in an unconscious fashion – they do not have to know that they are responding. So while you know consciously what’s going on – they may not – but their body will still react.

Once you get good at telepathic sex, your 15 min work break could take on a whole new meaning!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 😉

OBE Sex, Moldavite Madness, Telepathic Foreplay!

November 21, 2008

OBE Sex – now I know last week I had to decrease my sexual energy because it was way to much out there – even for me. But stick with me.

I had a feeling that my friend Sean and I were going to have another OBE sex experiment. To prepare for it – I decided to come up with an oil to not only make the OBE connection stronger, but to give it more juice. I know – sometimes I’m a bit crazy – aren’t I?

My first thought was that I had some really small Moldavite’s here that weren’t being used – -then I mulled over what oils I had and decided to use: Mugwort, Ylang Ylang, Jasmine. Patchouli with a base oil of Almond.

Moldavite Madness

1/8 cup Almond Oil
9 drops Mugwort
6 drops Ylang Ylang
6 drops Patchouli
3 drops Jasmine
1 Moldavite chip (very small stone – trust me – larger is just too much energy)

Mix all together by swirling the liquid after each add. If you don’t use it all – store in a dark bottle (with a cap) away from sunlight and heat.

Places to apply:

Astral & Dream Sex: Middle of your feet and your palms, third eye, top of your skull
Telepathic Sex: Middle of your feet and your palms, third eye, above the top of each of your ear lobes…right on your skull

I applied it for telepathic sex and waited to hear what Sean would say. Sure enough when I said it was time for my shower – he said he was going to jump in and help:)

While I was taking off my clothes to get in the shower – I could feel someone behind me – I turned around twice, knowing full well no one was there — but still.

I could feel Sean walk up behind me, wrap his arms around my body and kiss my neck. My immediate response was to push backwards and grind my butt into his cock. The harder I pushed, the more intense his kisses got – the more manipulative his hands were on my breasts.

As I got into the shower I could feel him playing with my left nipple. Without thinking my hand reached out to grab his head and pull him closer. As I reached my hand out – my logical brain kicked in and said – he’s not physically here – reach out with your mind…so I did.

The back and forth – playing lasted the whole shower. When I got out there was already an IM message for me. He said he could feel everything (the words he used were a bit more explicit mind you ). We talked about the experience and he said “it was so dreamy”. That’s the way many people (incluing myself) describe it – like a very intense day dream – hence the dreaminess. He also said that he couldn’t help but be vocal during the telepathic sex – it felt so physically real.

Yep — I understand:)

So it appears that this oil not only made the connection stronger for me – but also for him.

Have a great weekend!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 😉

Telepathic Sex, Kisses And Experimentation!

November 14, 2008

Yesterday I was chatting with a guy I know about telepathic sex. He wasn’t sure if this was something he could actually believe or not. So with his doubts planted firmly in his mind (although he was very curious about the subject) he went to get ready for work.

I knew he’d be in the shower, so I decided to play him a visit – just to see if he could tell I was there. Nothing over the top – many kisses on his mouth and neck -plus I had fun rubbing my hands up and down his chest. I could feel him kiss back during this time. As the day went on I felt his lips on mine once again.

Later that night we were IM’ing and I asked him if he had thought about kissing me at all today. He said yes – twice. Once when he was in the shower, as he could feel me there with him and he wanted to kiss back – and another time while he was at work.

Now it was my turn to get a shower before my radio show appearance. I had a feeling that he was going to try something. And sure enough he did. Many kisses on my mouth, cheeks and neck. He stood behind me and wanted to help wash – he did a good job, even helped me out when I bent over to pick up the soap. Needless to say -I really didn’t want to get out of the shower. It’s such an intense feeling to know that someone is making the conscious effort to show you pleasure in an unconventional way.

During my show I could feel him – more kisses on my mouth , cheek and neck with a nice caresses of my left breast. That’s when I had to throw the walls up so that I could talk about the very thing that was happening to me. It’s rather difficult to talk about telepathic sex when you know darn well it’s going on at that exact time. After the show he said he was trying to see if he could get me to crack on the show. Ha! It’ll never happen:) He did confirm that he was kissing me and the brush of my breast.

We just started experimenting together yesterday. I’m interested to see where we can take this.

Have a good weekend!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

Telepathic Foreplay, A Kiss And A Smile!

November 12, 2008

Telepathic sex is such a wonderous thing — Will showed up today – just out of the blue and planted a telepathic kiss right on me. He hasn’t been around for awhile – so this was certainly a surprise. That’s all it has been for him today – kissing – a lot of kissing. I can feel his lips the most on the nape of my neck. He truly does know how to drive me crazy. The kisses are very soft with just a flick on the tongue. I can think of a hundred different places I’d love for him to put his lips nm my body – but I didn’t ask. I just sat back and enjoyed the visit – not wanting anything, not asking – just enjoying. He kissed my face, my neck, my ears for over 15 min. Each kiss better than the last. I could feel the pressure of his lips and then the zing of the energy behind it.

Before I knew it – he was gone.

Having telepathic foreplay with your partner or someone that you have feelings for is such a exciting, yet private, way to energetically show how you feel without anyone else knowing what is going on. In an ongoing relationship, this is a fabo way to get the sexual energy flowing before you see one another.

All you have to do is to concentrate on the person of your affection and imagine yourself kissing them. It’s just that simple.

Give it a try today and see what happens.

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

Astral, Dream and Telepathic Sex Helpers!

October 29, 2008

Last weekend I attended the Maria Shaw Cosmic Convention in Midland, MI. Had a great time – met a lot of fabo people. My OBE Sex talk went well – everyone in there seemed to have gotten something out of it. I did a lot of Sexual Energy Readings for people – not during the workshop – but at my table. They seemed relieved that there was someone they could discuss sex with and get advice on how to rev up the bedroom. Besides reading them and giving advice on what they can do to bring up their sexual energy to have better sex – I also helped them choose metaphysical aids to help engage in OBE sex.


Hold one or more of these stones, in your receptive hand (your non-dominant hand) or place them in your environment for a added boast when traveling the OBE!



Crystal, Faden


Herkimer Diamond

Lapis Lazuli




These herbs can be burned as an incense (burn mixed with Sandalwood or Frankincense), used as tea (although most of these taste really bad), or placed in a sachet/cloth to carry right before or during the time when you want to boast your OBE skills.










These oils can be applied topically (if the oils burns the skin – remove immediately and add a few drops with a base oil such as Sunflower, Olive, Jojoba and then reapply), added to bathwater, placed on a cotton ball or straight from the bottle and inhaled or burned in a diffuser right before or during the time when you want to boast your OBE skills.


Clary Sage



Mugwort (will burn if applied directly to skin)




Happy OBE’ing!

Crystal Sunshine!

Allie 🙂

OBE Sex, Energy Signatures And Shifting Looks!

October 17, 2008

Last weekend when I was chatting in the OBE Sex workshop – people were curious about race, gender during the obe and how do you know who it is exactly that you are engaging in obe sex with?

During an OBE experience – whether it is for sex or just to travel – it’s our energy bodies that are doing the OBE. Because of this we are able to shift our appearance from what we look like in our human bodies to anything we want. We can be a male or female (as we’ve been both in past lives) we can be any race we choose (again in every life we will each get to live in a different race – some more than once).

But even though we can change our physical or energy appearance – there are two things we cannot alter and that follows us not only in the OBE world, but from lifetime to lifetime:

1) Our eyes. The shape may change – the size – but never the color or the glint of our eyes when someone looks into them. Since each of our soul’s are unique – we each have a unique glint.

2) Our energy signatures. We each carry a different energy print – much like a fingerprint – no two are alike. I found this interesting that this same principle was applied in a recent episode of FRINGE.

The above is handy to know if you have protected yourself against a certain person, but the change their appearance, gender and/or race and try to make contact again. Your energy will immediately know that this person is not cool and the walls of protection will come up. Same applies if you are looking for someone. You hone in on their unique energy frequency – if you two have ever shared energy in this life (talking, being in the same room, dreaming together) or in past lives, then your energy will already have theirs in memory. It’s easier to hone in that way instead of searching for someone blindly.

So the next time you are engaging in OBE sex with someone and you like the way they feel (pun intended) it’ll be much easier to find them the next time around. And if they were creepy – you’ll be able to dodge them for eternity!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 😉

Telepathic Sex, Will And The River!

October 15, 2008

Telepathic sex – it has such a way of interfering with my day. Not that I’m complaining THAT much — but still…

Here I am minding my own business – trying to get caught up after my Universal Light Expo weekend and BAM…damn that Will. His energy is very strong today – wow – I’m guessing he’s missed me. I can feel his touch on my body – his lips on mine. The horniness factor is pretty high at this point in time and I honestly have no choice but to follow him and see where this goes…

I arrive with Will and we are outside, under a big willow tree next to a river. He smiles and thanks me for meeting him here. My response was that while I could ignore his energy – it would take too much of my energy to dodge him. So here I am. And I don’t have a lot of time to hang around. He grabs my hand and leads me to the river. We get to the edge and he turns me to face him. His fingertips caresses my face – he takes the tip of his tongue and runs it along my mouth. My knees go weak. I lean in to kiss him and he holds me back for a spilt second – teasing me – with the energy that’s in me, it feel like I’m going to explode. I slide my hand around to the base of his skull and draw him closer. It feels like we melt into one when our lips touch.

There’s no holding back with the kisses – each kiss is deeper than the last – pushing one another onto the brink of insanity. We rip off one another’s clothes and don’t care where they fall. Into the water we fall – the coolness of the water feels awesome against the heat of our bare flesh. His mouth takes in a nipple and skillfully gets its attention. We’re almost pawing at one another – trying to move away the bodies and get to the soul.

As he enters me, my fingers dig into his shoulders, drawing blood to the surface. My hands slide down and grasp his butt – as he grabs mine. The thrusts are in tandem – they’re intense – moving at a frantic pace until we both climax simultaneously. He smiles – kisses me and the connection is broken.

Wow that was good…..

And his energy is gone – for now. He’ll be back – I know he will before the day is out.

This past weekend went great at the Universal Light Expo. The workshop on Sunday went well – we ran out of time as I had so much more I wanted to cover. The attendees were eager to ask questions – which I thought was great. There will be a DVD of the OBE Sex workshop available here soon. As soon as I have some copies – I’ll have them on the site.

I’d better go and post this…

More later – I’m sure!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

Telepathic Sex: Foreplay In Central Park!

September 12, 2008

I got slammed out of left field this morning with some telepathic sex/foreplay. Bob, someone new in my energy field, had just been hanging back – being protective. When all of a sudden I could feel him kissing me. I stopped what I was doing to make sure I was right on who this was with me. My suspicions were confirmed when I heard Bob’s voice ask me to connect back to him. I did and it took me to Central Park in the middle of winter. Bob and I were walking along, he kissed me under a street light. We must of eaten something prior that was sweet – because he tasted like powdered sugar. I walked over to a trash can and tossed a piece of paper. I felt a “hit” on my back. I turned and Bob was throwing snowballs at me.

I hid behind the trash can. I could hear him approach, so I made a few quick snowballs to counter attack. I jumped up and threw them – just as he was throwing more at me. Before we knew it, we were both out of snowballs. He crouched down to make some more – so I kicked snow at him. He threw snow back. In under 10 seconds – snow was flying back and forth. He tackled me (he’s a big guy – so when he tackles – he tackles). On the ground we were, laughing up a storm. He kissed me again. I kissed back. The mix of the coldness with the heat of our mouths was such a turn on. We rolled around on snow, passionately kissing like two lovelorn teenagers. The more we kissed, the more our coats opened up. Gloves off, we explored each others bodies under the coats, shirts, etc.. Before it looked like we were filming a porn in the park – we stopped feeling one another and just kept our hands still -on the heat of each other’s skin. It was the sexiest thing.

He smiled down at me and said: I’m going to teach you how to ice skate, you can’t back out of it forever.

And he broke the connection.

I could feel the sensation of his lips touching mine for about 30 min afterwards. I never thought I’d find myself in Central Park in the middle of winter – but for him I would do it.

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂